Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Marriage Mettle

I hate weddings. I think weddings are this sort of emotional torture device used to force large crowds into tears with minimal effort.
It's a glorious Saturday morning and I walk into this church that makes me feel like I'm six years old and my mom is about to tell me to not touch things. My body immediately begins to condense and tighten. As I'm standing a little taller in my Bahama blue flow-y dress, a seersucker suited gentlemen offers his invincible arm. I am ushered to my wooden pew. The organ starts to play and the murmur of chatter drifts into the music as the wedding party meanders down the aisle with secretive smiles because they've already seen the hidden bride. The squirming starts as I try to stifle these 'feelings' that are welling up my innards. If the tender strength of a brother's and sisters' smiles walking before their oh-so-grown-up sister didn't pull at my heart strings then the little BABIES start rolling down the aisle like cuddly bowling balls hitting the gutter rails. The whole crowd gently giggles until someone finally catches them at the end and every breath in the room tightens because the worst is coming. The bride starts to walk down the aisle and the fairy tales are true; she is so beautiful. A sweet humbleness fills the room and I'm broken to an honest place as "I love you" is promised with "I do."


I am such a sucker for weddings. It. is. so. embarrassing.

Gold Mettle

Location:New Orleans, LA

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