Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Nothing bumps the page views on your blog like !! I just have to say a million and one thanks for all the encouraging comments that have been posted out there. It’s simultaneously humbling and boosting.

I’m fascinated when people write comments like “she’s gorgeous” or “she’s beautiful.” I love these posts because YOUCAN’TSEEMYFACE. This is just a picture of a girl on a bike wearing a flowy skirt and backless top yet it captures a personality... the personality is the key. I truly believe that it doesn’t matter what you look like, what body you were given, or what flaws you have; if you fully embrace who you are with an honest and loving eye, you win. If you think you’re beautiful, other people will as well. Stop waiting for someone to think of you as a diamond in the rough and be a freakin’ ruby!

As you have proved, beauty is more than a face.


Location:From my bike

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meddle that Mettle



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Making Mettle

You can find evidence for whatever you believe in life. The way you think about the world around you is the mirror of your heart.

Any and every event, person, thing in your life can become...something beautiful, incredible, magical, inspirational.

Spin the tables of life. Create something beautiful with all of the tools and materials you've been given. You can make yourself sick by eating too many pieces of fudge or get annoyed by the sand on the beach. You can make some one's draw drop with a bed of nails or jumping through a hoop of fire.

You decide.

Good luck.

I hope it's a beautiful one!

Gold Mettle

Location:New York, New York

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Magic Mettle

Yesterday, I went to the Spring Gala for the Pediatric Cancer Research Fund.

Per usual, I rushed home after work in order to act like a maniac for the thirty minutes while getting ready. Somewhere between trying to land a fake eyelash perfectly on my quivering eyelid and hobbling around on one foot as I was trying to stick 'no-slip' pads on the bottom of my heels so I wouldn't triple axel at the Ice Capades of MoMA's worn wood floors, I realized just how cool PCRF is.

PCRF is the surest investment anyone could make in cancer research because you are investing in scientific research supported by the emotional purity of a child. You are investing in a being that has this incredibly innocent view of life and what to expect of it. The will to live, the love of life, the innocence of infinite possibility turn science into magic. PCRF asks people to donate to the mix of magic and science.

You are investing in the child that I was with the proof of the woman I am growing to be. You're investing in the child that rolled cancer off her back like water off a duck and grew to run around her apartment with heels and fake eyelashes... like. any. other. woman.

Because of scientific research and the innocence of a child, I don't believe in the terror of cancer.

omg. I have one leg.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Insane Metal

Some days you have to create your own sunshine.

No matter where you are in the world, who you're with or what you're going through... your happiness is dependent on a choice, your choice. Your choice is whether or not you are grateful for the experience of life.

When I walk down the street, people are amazed that I'm smiling. It shocks them to see a girl missing a leg and to still have a laugh coming out of her lips. Yes, losing a leg sucked and sucks.... but yesterday my friend got into a competitive grad program, I tasted the most delicious Black Sesame ice cream and I swear that dog winked at me as I walked by him. I smile because I'm having a fucking BLAST living this life. My roommate and I regularly stop a conversation a scream the lyrics of a song we love. I laugh because this world is hysterical. I simply can not be bothered with how my body looks when I'm having this much fun. I could care less. Call me ignorant, call me naive- I'll take this crazy over your reality any day.

What I find INSANE are the people who choose to ignore happiness. People who seem to have no respect for the joy of life and choose to wallow in some sort of narcissism wrapped in a raincloud of the world.

Do you know joy? Do you know that pain can be a joy? Do you know that sorrow can be a joy? Do you know that striving for the ends of the earth is a joy? Do you know that accumulation of knowledge is a joy? Joy is a trouble, joy is an anxiety, joy is love, and joy is right and it is wrong. Happiness isn't life- it's a perspective on daily living. Happiness is not the end goal but rather a process that inclines and declines. Joy is recognizing that you are a product of life... and that is so incredibly cool. You are part of this world. You fought for this place and you earned it. You are alive. Appreciate this gift.

Gold Mettle