Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Nothing bumps the page views on your blog like !! I just have to say a million and one thanks for all the encouraging comments that have been posted out there. It’s simultaneously humbling and boosting.

I’m fascinated when people write comments like “she’s gorgeous” or “she’s beautiful.” I love these posts because YOUCAN’TSEEMYFACE. This is just a picture of a girl on a bike wearing a flowy skirt and backless top yet it captures a personality... the personality is the key. I truly believe that it doesn’t matter what you look like, what body you were given, or what flaws you have; if you fully embrace who you are with an honest and loving eye, you win. If you think you’re beautiful, other people will as well. Stop waiting for someone to think of you as a diamond in the rough and be a freakin’ ruby!

As you have proved, beauty is more than a face.


Location:From my bike


  1. Hi. I'm James Danziger and my gallery represents Scott. We would be happy to give you a print. Just contact me at

    And thank you for being such a supermodel and inspiration!

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  3. Hey, Jessie. You are truly an inspiration to so many and you have the most beautiful spirit. My mom is a paraplegic and has been confined to a wheelchair since she was 23, but she has your same bright outlook on life. Thank you for being as amazing and graceful as you are.

    P.S. I used to live in NY for a bit and I miss it tremendously. Reading your posts and seeing that great picture of you that Scott took makes me smile. :

  4. Congratulations on starting your new blog, and on being featured on the Sartorialist!

    I'm glad that I scrolled down and was able to find your comment!

    I'm a grad student doing a phd in health services research. As part of my research I got to spend a lot of time talking with rheumatoid arthritis patients. I loved it because I oftentimes saw a spirit of positivity and strength in them which also shines through in the posts which you have written so far. Resilience and strength doesn't come naturally to everyone--please continue to share your energy with the world!

  5. I really adore this ring ! Kiss x

  6. i have one leg and am a young lady and live in nyc too! loved that pic, was envious he found you riding around before me! if you ever feel like discussing impressive teas and/or the fashion implications of awesome prosthetics, give a holler. xo