Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Insane Metal

Some days you have to create your own sunshine.

No matter where you are in the world, who you're with or what you're going through... your happiness is dependent on a choice, your choice. Your choice is whether or not you are grateful for the experience of life.

When I walk down the street, people are amazed that I'm smiling. It shocks them to see a girl missing a leg and to still have a laugh coming out of her lips. Yes, losing a leg sucked and sucks.... but yesterday my friend got into a competitive grad program, I tasted the most delicious Black Sesame ice cream and I swear that dog winked at me as I walked by him. I smile because I'm having a fucking BLAST living this life. My roommate and I regularly stop a conversation a scream the lyrics of a song we love. I laugh because this world is hysterical. I simply can not be bothered with how my body looks when I'm having this much fun. I could care less. Call me ignorant, call me naive- I'll take this crazy over your reality any day.

What I find INSANE are the people who choose to ignore happiness. People who seem to have no respect for the joy of life and choose to wallow in some sort of narcissism wrapped in a raincloud of the world.

Do you know joy? Do you know that pain can be a joy? Do you know that sorrow can be a joy? Do you know that striving for the ends of the earth is a joy? Do you know that accumulation of knowledge is a joy? Joy is a trouble, joy is an anxiety, joy is love, and joy is right and it is wrong. Happiness isn't life- it's a perspective on daily living. Happiness is not the end goal but rather a process that inclines and declines. Joy is recognizing that you are a product of life... and that is so incredibly cool. You are part of this world. You fought for this place and you earned it. You are alive. Appreciate this gift.

Gold Mettle

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  1. Hey Jessie,

    I have to admit I stumbled upon your blog through bike pic, but by reading through your blog, all I got to say is ...thank you.
    You are truly a beautiful person and a inspiring one aswell.

    Cheers lady, have a nice one :)
    Mihir Shah