Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Actual First Meddle

Attention: This is my first blog post. I have never considered myself bloggy, never wanted to be bloggy, but by way of the fates, I blog. Here’s to the “Never Have I Ever”s of life and their cheeky wink.

How do you even start a blog? How do you introduce yourself to the World Wide Web and make a viral first impression? Oh dear, I am trying to meet the universe. Am I going to be offensive? I’m not funny. Who the hell is going to read this? Why am I writing a freaking blog? Good gravy, how do you ever make a first impression with anyone?

You can talk about the weather.

Let’s talk about the weather.

The weather channel says that New York City is:
Feels like: 43°F
Wind: S 7 mph
Humidity: 86%
UV Index: 0 Low
Dew Point: 43°F
Visibility: 2 mi
Sunrise: 6:39 AM
Sunset: 7:21 PM

As mundane as it may be to anyone who isn’t sailing a boat, flying a plane, or shuffling notes before they stand in front of a green screen with an umbrella, the weather is something we all have the intelligence and capacity to discuss. Every man, every woman, student, astronaut, baker, candlestick maker, hipster, my mom, weirdo, race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, sexual orientation can make a comment on the immediate climate. The best part? The weather can't offend any of these individual differences. Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield could have gotten along just fine if they had only been introduced properly.

The weather simply is or isn’t: no debate necessary. “Holy mackerel, the wind is blowing!” “Beautiful day, today.” “What a downpour!” Antiquated icebreakers build a block of communication and agreement between two people. For Pete's sake, one breath exhausted about a gust of wind could be all that is keeping you from the love of your life. To acknowledge a raindrop is to assure the other person that you have an understanding of your environment. Could they possibly recognize that drop too? OemG. Online dating is missing out... unless your computer is in front of a window. With that baby step of communion, you have created a connection to another person via meteorology. A discussion of atmosphere can flood a dry spell of deserted conversation and shine a new light onto the chlorophyll of interaction.

Weather is truth. Weather is proof. Proof of our immediate existence and human connection. Today is a day unlike any other because the weather is always current and you are as unique as a snowflake.

Being part of this life is so cool: a breath opens doors and a raindrop is an agreement.

Gold Mettle

Location:New York, NY

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