Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rose Mettle

My mom and dad followed me to the dead end of the hall. The faded eggshell paint was chipping off the frame of the door onto a carpet with pattern that was only produced once... in the 70s.
"I've got a fish with my name on my door... I thought I was going to college not kindergarten."
"That's because they saw your grades and didn't think you were ready for college. I think they're gonna start you with the letters of the alphabet," said my father.
"Hysterrrrrical Pa."
"Oh look! You've got a nice window," said my mom as she dropped my new twin sized bedding onto the thin mattress.
Just then an avalanche of laughter crashed through the hallway.
"She was soooooooooo fuckin' wasted that she screamed into the fuckin' room, 'Ride it, ride it, don't fight it." Explosion of laughter.
Through the frame of the door, my parents and I watched two people and one force of nature walk past the door frame. The platinum blonde force walked out of frame and then bounced off an invisible trampoline into my room.
"Oh hey!! You must be one of the freshman! Congrats! Congrats! I'm Ashley, a sophomore," she held out her hand. Her bob of blonde bounced with her voice. Her fashionably faded jeans were rolled and her super chic top hung with laissez-faire attitude. In two seconds, you knew this girl had a mind of her own, the cojones to pull it off, and lady luck hanging on her shoulder. She was cool yet unpretentious, discerning yet mostly reckless as with all the free spirits.
When you meet her, you have a hunch she's gonna rock your world but you don't realize that means staying up until 6AM because you're inventing theories and philosophies for how and why the world works, pouring you your first shot, taking a photo of your first kiss, buying you your first stripper, cuddling into your twin bed because it was a long day, re-reading Le Petit Prince a million times because it gets us, dancing like you're on a stage while in your bedroom, dancing like you're in your bedroom acting like you on a stage when you're on a stage, and posing on a giant jackrabbit while driving through the middle of nowhere.

Here's to the girl that I met my first day of college and who's yelling at me now because I skipped writing my blog for a week.

Ashley Rose Yount

P.S. This blog so doesn't do you justice but I'm trying to keep this under 300 words and failing.

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